Life as origin of creation…

Life inspires me, the creative energy of life, the way people construct themselves, find the path to reach their objectives and make their dreams come true. I want each of my songs to be the expression of a stimulating energy, revealing who we are. Sometimes the songs are nostalgic and dark, but to better let the light shine, and impose the feeling of hope and that everything can improve.

I write and I sing songs because I want to stimulate, illuminate, shake, encourage, appease, heal, inspire people…I am profoundly inspired by the desire to inspire. I talk of the need to exist in our own ways, to feel good about who we are and what we have to offer to life. I talk about the diversity of the world and of people through songs that I want Universal. I want my piano to be expressive, to give sense to my voice, to my lyrics and to my melodies, to create music that touches people, encourages them to surpass themselves, to dare to be who they want to be as much as possible…because this is the reason of life.



Alvin Devolder was born in Brussels from a Flemish father and a Philippino mother. He spends his childhood in Paris and follows music lessons at 5 years old, even if he doesn’t understand French yet. When his family moves back to Belgium (he’s 8,5 years old), Alvin begins piano at a music school and starts to compose & improvise at the piano.

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I always find it very interesting to know how a music style was formed. A style can affirm itself with time, or transform through different periods, influenced consciously or unconsciously by the music listened to at a specific moment. You could define my music as pop, with sounds of triphop, rock, classical music, film music and electro.

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My first CD « Opening Days » goes back to 2001. It was recorded in a home studio, in a cellar in Wezembeek-Oppem. Now, 15 years later, after recording 12 demos and EPs and a self-released album “One day in the Universe”, I invite you to discover my new 2017 EP: “7.83 Hz”.

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My music

My first CD “Opening Days” goes back to 2001. It was recorded in a home studio, in a cellar in Wezembeek-Oppem. 15 years later and after multiple self-released recordings in collaboration with sound engineers and multi-instrumentalists (EP: “Five Songs To Harvest”, “Killedbyamicrophone”, “No More Typhoons In Akasha”, “Everything’s Gonna Get Better”, “Clair-Obscur”…), a couple of demos, a song on the Belgian compilation “10 New Bands From The 10 Belgian Provinces” and debut album “One Day In The Universe”, here comes my newest EP: “7.83 Hz” that I arranged and produced. Mixed with Lorenzo Marotta at Codfish Studio and mastered by Alan Ward at Electric City.