My style of music is the expression of sonic desires that I’ve been developing mentally for a long period of time, and that I succeeded to express in 2015, thanks to learning how to use a music software. You could define my music as pop, with sounds of triphop, rock, classical music, film music and electro.

After many years, I was able to overpass the lack of confidence I had in learning how to use the computer technology. I am now able to directly put my ideas into sound.

At around 10 years old, one of my artistic dreams was to become an orchestra conductor. Very often, would I compose symphonic arrangements in my head. Looking back, it was a logical evolution for me to be able to create my own arrangements today.

Atmosphere and emotions are vital to my songs. My goal is always for them to transmit an authentic and vibrant message, thanks to an emotional balance between the lyrics, the vocal melody, the arrangements and the rhythmical part.

For me, music’s role is to touch and to inspire. Enjoy your listening!