“Comme vous êtes de belles personnes!

Je vous vois comme des rois descendus d’une autre planète, un peu étonnés d’être là mais désireux de partager leurs richesses intérieures…

Avec quelle sincérité et générosité, vous nous avez ouvert à votre monde, et quel monde, beau, fantastique, plein d’amour et de tendresse…c’était fort touchant!”

(“Double Spectacle Jumeau” du 11 février 2017: seul en scène d’Allan “2417: La Renaissance” et concert de lancement de l’EP “7.83 Hz” d’Alvin)

Thérèse Hobsig, pianiste, chanteuse lyrique, metteuse en scène d’Opéra et réalisatrice de films d’animations

“Belgian multi-instrumentist Alvin Devolder had caught our attention two years ago with his beautiful album “One Day In The Universe”. He’s back with “Clair-Obscur” a new 4 title EP. Alvin presents this EP as animated by a new style, performed as a one-man band project, just equipped with a keyboard and a loop pedal. The other sounds are completed by his own voice, sometimes layering 5 vocal melodies or used to create different noises.

Alvin wrote, played and produced everything, up to the album’s sleeve concept. Inside, 4 songs oscillating between psychedelism, pop, rock and film music, exploiting interesting sound effects, polyphonic voices and a piano mixed amply.

This new EP harmoniously completes Alvin’s previous compositions.”

François Becquart, MUSIC IN BELGIUM août 2014 (EP “Clair-Obscur”, Londres)

“Très chouette découverte: une belle personnalité, claviériste, modiste et musicien remarquable avec de jolies créations musicales … et un magnifique chapeau astral ! Bravo Alvin Devolder!”

Olivier Jean Jean, Rock Classic Event Page (Brussels)

“When you listen to his sunny tracks (though fissured with melancholy), you get the feeling that you personally grew up with them, probably because they convey the basic but essential emotions you experience when confronted by the four elements, which is an all-time inner process… 

Each song of Alvin is a tale…telling about the sky and the earth, about the individual and the masses…Only naked feelings, a true conversation with one’s conscience…. 

Alvin’s tunes quickly settle in your mnemonic jukebox….and lyrics stick to the foreground, to your great delight, because what is said is meant to be meditated on…

What the character that inhabits all songs here tells you, throughout his adventures, is that he finally found deep inside of himself what he didn’t manage to dig out outdoors. Hence, the gladness ruling the whole album. …In a nutshell, an album that will make your day. And because of its brightness, it’s worth its weight in gold.”

Daphnis Olivier Boelens, Books and Films Reviews/ Blog Littérature et Cinéma

“…very much convinced by the songs on this album, that express the extension of Alvin’s fervour and generosity. His love for composition oozes from his pores and titles like “Magnetic Field”, “Paper Boat”, “In The Rain” or “Turn The page”, succeed to strike you right at the heart the more you listen to the album, which finally reveals very personal and sincere compositions. On top of this, Alvin comfortably adds his very wide vocal range on more than three octaves. It’s fresh, romantic, melancholic, and seemingly simple, offered on a platter from the depths of the author’s heart.” 

François Becquart, MUSIC IN BELGIUM Mai 2012 (Album “One Day In The Universe”, Bruxelles)

“…strong songs both melodically and harmonically, with individuality about the lyrics…I liked the arrangements too…good ear for texture and the technical side is also very presentable…you clearly have much variety in you, and could add to what’s there and really impress.”

Dr. Colin Sell – Head of Music, East 15 Acting School (London)

“…Alvin’s voice floats on top with an assured tone, adding a strong melody to the song…Alvin is at his best when he’s creating the more intricate moments in his music. Just a few more of the beautiful flickers on the piano or in the vocal melody and he’ll be on to a winner.”

Steve, The Mag (London)